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Protein X Review 2018| protein X original price benefits and side effects

The best part about Protein X supplement is it comes with a special form of protein known as “Protein Hydrolysate.” This form of a protein is very easy to digest there is no limit of age to use its healthy for all age especially for an aged person and ladies it gives the energy to do work.

The supplement also contains vitamins like vitamin A, D, K, B, E, folic acid, biotin, etc. It also has minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus, choline. Surprisingly, this supplement has ZERO fat in it. But, the sugar content in high. but he launched his another product with low in sugar if you are diabetic or want to lose weight you can use his protein x Diabetes Care product.

If you are a fresher in bodybuilding or fitness field, To begin with, Protein X its help to grow your muscles then you can go with any of whey protein,

Hydrolysates have been partially broken by exposing the protein to heat, acid or enzymes, which separate the bonds which add amino acids. This gives it a bit bitter taste but allows it to be absorbed or absorbed separately faster. Focusing and isolation are already fast digestible, so a hydrolyzate that digested at least, cannot be worth the extra cost for flavor trading and small benefits.

In any form, whey protein contains excellent digestion and amino acids profile. Since separate and hydrolyzed proteins are more expensive, most whey supplement manufacturers add very little to their sources, if any.

As long as you keep some extra grams of carbohydrate and fat in mind, and you are not lactose intolerant, whey concentrate is the most economical choice and the best selling form of whey protein on the market is clear.


protinex benefits

  1. Its a vegetarian protein made up with soya and milk its very low in price compared with another product
  2. It helps to increase your endurance and makes you stronger
  3. Especially its goods for females and above 40+ age  it helps to fill your regular protein diet
  4. It helps to improve digestion of the body

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what is the price of protein x

 It available in 400-gram packing and very low in price compared to another product. You can easily  purchase from Amazon 400 gram only at 475 clicks here for purchase

protein x label

The 30-gram scope of protein x

 Carb 16.4gram Protein 9.6 sugar 9.3-gram fat 0.15 you get 150 energy

protinex powder ingredients

Peanut macromolecule product (56%),
sugar, maltextract,minerals(tribasic phosphate,
ferrous quconate), B-complex vitamin|vitamin B complex|vitamin B|B vitamin|B|water-soluble vitamin} complex salt, vitamins (ascorbic
acid, niacinamide, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, phy-
tomenadione, retinyl palmitate, B-complex vitamin|vitamin B complex|vitamin B|B vitamin|B|water-soluble vitamin} complex mononitrate,
ergocakiferoL riboflavin, pantothenol, pyridoxine
hydrochloride, folic acid, vitamin B, d-biotin).

special note
If you have an allergy of soy protein or lactose protein you dont need to buy this product .you can use his substitute egg whites.

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protein x nutrition facts
 vitamins per 25gram Materials per 25gram
vitamin b21.2 mgChlorine 34 mg
Vitamin D 2.1mgTribasic 400 mg 
 vitamin E 4.5mgiron5.3 mg
vitamin c21 mgCalcium303 mg
Vitamin A   200 mcgrePhosphorous235 mg
Vitamin b10.8 mgmagneshium25 mg
Niacin13mgzinc0.8 mg
Panthonic acid0.8 mgiodine14 mcg
vitamin b6 0.4 mgcopper195 mcg
folic acid42 mcgsodium88 mg
Vitamin b120.2 mcgpotassium216 mg
Biotin8.5 mcgchloride71 mg



Problem is here in protein x
If we take 30 gram of serving. In this serving Carry approx 9 to a 10-gram protein that’s good but this cannot compete with this protein X powder with another isolate whey protein.
The main problem is that
Is in 30 gram of scope carry 16 to 17 gram of sugar that’s a problem in this powder
problem solve use protein x diabetes care
in this 30 gram of scope carry 0 gram of sugar and protein level is same approx 9 to 10 gram  because of that’s a problem is fixed use proteinx diabetes care it’s better than the simple form of protein x original
protein x review
protein x review


Can we use daily in life every single doctor recommended protein X
Yes, you can use this in daily life  30 gram of scope of that with a milk approx 20-gram protein you get.



protinex for bodybuilding

Muscle gain – yes proteinX use for bodybuilding If you want to gain muscle you can use proteinX after a workout with you will get approx 22 gram of protein that’s good for your healthy life.

weight loss – protinex for bodybuilding if you want to lose you I recommended you dont need to use protein it’s better you can use his sugar-free protein Xit’s good for low in calories and protein percentage also same 9.6 gram thumps up and lose weight  😛

How to use after a workout

For muscle gain – take 250 ml milk + 1 30gram scobe of protein x + 2 banana definitely, you will gain weight and muscle both.

21.6-grams protein + 20gram sugar + 70 gram carb u get total

For fat loss program – Take 250-gram milk + 1 30gram scobe of sugar-free protein X  drink after the workout within 45 min. you will 22 gram of protein.

1 cup milk carry

➡️12gram protein +10 gram sugar + 7.4 gram carb

one 30-gram scope of proteinx carry

    ➡️30gram scope carry approx 9.6 gram protein + 9 .3gram sugar +             16.4gram carb


one 30-gram scope of proteinx diabetes care carry

30gram scope carry approx 9.6-gram protein + 16.4gram carb

protineX flavors
Its available in five flavors Original, chocolate, vanilla, mix fruit and Elaichi  Top demanded flavors of this is Original and Chocolate.

Side Effects Of Protein X

Not much side effect 2 things you do when you consume protein x

1 Drink more water minimum 4 to 5 liter which helps you to flush out.

2 Do exercise any cardio, walking, jumping, any physical exercise

3 If you have an Allergy from soy protein you dont need to buy

Not a big side effect 

1)  Increased weight and more fat: If you supplement more than advice, then it can give you too much fat. If you consume the excessive amount of powder and if you do not exercise much then it will give you fat.

2 ) Dehydration: As you began consuming protein, your body needs more water to get the yield out. It reduces overall fluid in the body. Otherwise, consume more water, you may have to face issues like dehydration, fatigue, headache, low urine production.

how to use protein X


how to use protein x
how to use protein x

protein in 1 cup milk + 1 scope of protein X

 12-gram protein in 1 cup milk  + 9.6-gram protein in protein X

total you get approx 22-grams protein per serving

protein water 

So you use with water one 30 gram scope of protein X you dont feel the taste of protein x you get only 9.6 gram of protein.

protein x powder eat directly

No side effect if you eat protein x powder  😎  but you  only get 9 to 10-grams protein

difference between protein x and proteinx diabetes care

difference between protein x and proteinx diabetes care
difference between protein x and proteinx diabetes care

The main difference is protein x carry 

30gram scope carry approx 9.6 gram protein + 9 .3gram sugar +             16.4gram carb

proteinx diabetes care carry 

30gram scope carry approx 9.6 gram protein + 16.4gram carb

sugar is missing in this . so If you loss weight use diabetes care protein if you are on gaining you can use simple protein X

The best substitute of proteinx

The best substitute for old times that is boil egg white a single egg white carry 3 to 2 gram of protein

For muscle gain  = 4 egg white + 2 banana

= 12 gram protein + 46 gram carb

For fat loss, so you can go with this = 4 egg white + 2 dates

12-gram protein + 10 to 11grams carbs



Protein X is one of the best and cheap supplements available in India market & even recommended nowadays. especially for girls who eat less .If you are looking to gain some weight or build muscles but cannot afford expensive supplements, you can go with Protein X should be your best choice.

In this review, we had discussed Protein x price, benefits, Protein X label, Substitute of protein X, nutritional value, the difference between proteinx and proteinx diabetes care, and ProteinX FAQ. I hope you liked our Protein X review and if you did, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members subscribe my push notification for upcoming articles like diabetes, improve eyesight, high bp etc.

After this still have any doubt in mind regarding the supplement, So you can leave a comment below. I will clear those doubt in these article

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